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January 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

instead of coveting, collecting, copying and finally  shelving printed matter, i have begun to make them my own.

this piece was part of the Annual AIDS Benefit Exhibition at Barbara Krakow in Boston. on the last possible day, i summoned the nerve to hand off this piece all wrapped tidy in vellum and white tape to the gallery. it being a new piece and a new direction for me my confidence seemed to be as empty as the interior of the piece. long story short it sold, someone liked it. and i wonder if the new owner untied the twine and looked inside or has left it as is.

with this piece and my new work i use catalogs, either retail or artist to create a visual journey thru cutting and/or adding to both sides of each page. yes, i have gone from copying each page to manipulating each page. so depending on how you look at it, front cover or page by page, the work becomes many small drawings or one total object. a  journal of sorts addressing formalism & minimalism in an already constructed complete composition.

how to show them…most likely that is the most intriguing for me.

more on that later



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